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SubjectRe: Changes Summaries
Nir Soffer <> writes:
> I'm perfectly willing to write change summaries for each and every kernel
> - I have plenty of time free (for now at least). If people could notify
> of what the new patches in the kernel do (As I am not a really good code
> hacker, to say the least :) ), I'll happily compile a document of changes
> for every patch level - for everyone's enjoyment.

Michael Elizabeth Chastain <> already does an
excellent job at writing "Kernel Change Summaries" which he regularly
posts to comp.os.linux.development.system and

If you want to provide a similar service, I suggest that you base your
work on Michael's. Michael posts one change summary per kernel release
and lists all of the files that have been affected; he also tries to
give a brief explanation of the change. I would like to see a list
that takes a look on more than one release. How about something along
these lines:

Memory layout:
Release 2.1.0 changed the memory layout to be uniform for all
architectures. Kernel memory space has been moved to the very end
of the addressable memory space. This affects several system
calls including module support. You need to upgrade
libc. (references: "user space access",

User space access:
Releases 2.1.3 thru 2.1.5 changed user space access to an
exception based verification model. This required changes
throughout all drivers. (references: "memory layout").

Denial of service attack by sending huge ping packets:
This bug existed in all prior kernel releases and has been fixed
in release ...


Basically, you would have to look thru Michael's postings and combine
that information with whatever valuable information you get from
reading this mailing list.

Also, a list that shows all source files and the kernel releases that
changed these files, would be very valuable. This list could probably
be generated automatically from the information that Michael posts or
by running a script file on all of the patch files that have been
released in the past.


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