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SubjectRe: Question...
On 21 Oct 1996, Eberhard Moenkeberg wrote:

> Me, after reading linux/Documentation/cdrom/sbpcd.

Been there... done that :)

Here's my problem: (Using A clean Kernel 2.0.23 And I configured my
sbpcd.h, but it dosent fix it.... same problem with autoprobing)

When I play a cd (audio) it works great, it plays to completion, and
then the cdrom stops.

"Yeah, thats what its supposed to do" you say.

Ah! but you see.. after the cd has finished playing, the driver reports
that it is still playing the very last second of the last track. This
is simply not the case. Is there a way to fix this? Its strange.

Its messing up all of my cdplaying utilities. can you help me?

It goes like this:


the cd plays all the way through


the cd does nothing, becuase it thinks its already playing


the cd plays all the way through

Help me?


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