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SubjectRe: Reboot-by-BIOS-jump-patch
In, article <>, (Stephen R. van den Berg) writes:
> Matthias Urlichs <> wrote:
> >Well, here it is again; I modified the thing so that's (a) properly
> >indented and (b) you can control whether to boot via the BIOS by saying
> >"reboot=bios" or "reboot=hard" on the LILO command line (or its append=
> >string). Stuff like "reboot=cold,bios" works, too.
> What about simply trying the real-reset/triple-fault method first,
> for say two seconds max, and then simply jump to the bios?
The fix for that is easy, just replace the for (;;) loop with a
for(k=0;k<1000;k++) or whatever.

I just tried it. Unfortunately, something gets confused when I do that.
The screen clears, but the system doesn't come back up.

It seems that we do need an either-or here. :-(

> This would eliminate the need to select between bios and hard and allows
> kernels to boot the machine no matter what.

Unfortunately, it just ain't so...

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