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SubjectRe: Ping problem patch question
On Mon, 21 Oct 1996, Ronald Wahl wrote:

> > Being quite new to Linux, I'm having a slight problem trying to patch the
> > kernel to fix the ping problem. I apply the patch with the below result,
> > the patch doesn't work, as the computer will still hang.
> >
> > Here is what I'm typing:
> >
> > cat /usr/src/ping_patch | patch -p0
> Add the `-l' option to the patch command.

Another problem many people may have is that the patch was generated
within the linux/net/ipv4/ directory, and so the full path of the file to
patch is not totally obvious.

I've put up my modified version of Alan Cox's fix at

In fact, this is Alan's patch, with 2 changes. It has fullish paths in
the diff statement, so it's more obvious how to apply it, and it logs
attempts to crash your box. I caught someone "testing" one of our big
servers only an hour after booting up with the patch.

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