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SubjectRe: compiling kernel for module support
At 13.50 17.10.1996 -0700, you wrote:
>Felipe Alvarez Hrk. wrote:

> Thanks for the help, but the kernel source that I compiled was the full
>source tree
> in its entirety for 2.0.19 (6 MB compressed). I may try patching the
>kernel source
> with 2.0.22.diff and recompiling, but I don't think this will solve my
>problem... :(
> - Trev )-;

You probably know this, but i write this just in case...From your text i get
the wrong idea :-)

You might not want to patch the 2.0.22 diff straightly to your 2.0.19 sources...
You can only patch one patchlevel upward at a time.


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