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SubjectRe: POSIX test suite - including header files
In, article <>,
Elliot Lee <> writes:
> problem:
> - The .c file #include's errno.h
> - The .c file #undef's all the EXXX errno constants.
> - The .c file #include's errno.h
> - The .c file tries to use all the EXXX constants
- The .c file is _really_ stupid.

> Solutions? The easiest would be just to get rid of the #ifndef's
> bracketing all header files (obviously the test suite cannot be altered
> without breaking its validity). I'm asking for ideas on solving this
> problem with regards to header files in general, and the kernel includes
> specifically.
The problem is that as sooon as you do that, you break all kind of things
(most header files aren't written so that they can be included twice), and
you slow down compilation immensely because heaps of files are now included
_many_ times. :-(

> Suggestions are appreciated,

Yeah. Tell the people who wrote the standard and/or the conformity test
program to exhibit a bit more intelligence, if any.

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