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SubjectAlan's latest and greatest ;)

This should be on by midday monday UK time. It includes
the variou odd fixes (unix/ipx socket hang, netblazer reset, oob data,
big packet crash etc) that are not in 2.0.23 and also some of the SMP
changes. Since the FDDI code doesn't change the kernel without FDDI that
is also now included.

Things I've not put in that I want to add for my 2.0.23 'real world' mix

o Leonard's hopefully final iteration of the SMP SCSI bus reset fix.
o Final clean patches of the Cyrix and AMD CPU handling stuff.
o PPP SLHC tidy cleanup.
o New version of the SYN protection patches.

The goal of this little lot is to build a 2.0.x kernel tree that will survive
well into the future while 2.1 is developed.


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