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SubjectRe: Am486/100 writeback processor reboot woes

On Sun, 20 Oct 1996, Toni Nikkanen wrote:

> On Sun, 20 Oct 1996, Ted Garrett wrote:
> > Richard Adams wrote:
> > The problem is the motherboard's BIOS. Some motherboards support
> > soft-reboot and some
> > don't. I had this problem running an AMD486/100 with an early AWARD
> > bios. Got a new motherboard running a later revision of AWARD bios, and
> > it went away. Later changed to yet another motherboard running AMI
> > bios, and the problem didn't come back. Now I test
> > every motherboard I get, and if it doesn't reboot correctly, I send it
> > back.
> Ahha! I have Award bios too (feb 95 release I think). Do you think there
> could be any way around this problem, I'd like to try because I can't
> send my motherboard back any more and I don't plan to buy a new one
> either, because it's otherwise just fine.
See if your BIOS is SOFTWARE upgradeable <i.e. if it is a FLASH bios :>,
otherwise, you MIGHT see if you can get a new bios chip, but, that might
be more trouble than its worth....

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