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SubjectRe: paritition numbers changing?
   Date: 	Sat, 19 Oct 1996 15:45:08 -0400 (EDT)
From: Ray Lehtiniemi <>

> Any one can provide some enlightenment?

nope, but i can second the report. that happened to me when i first
started using linux. 2 gig scsi split between linux and dos/nt (so i
removed the bsd list from the followup) this occurred with 1.2.13
and 1.3.18 and 1.3.88 kernels, using the fdisk et al. from the april 1996
infomagic disks, slackware distribution.

Did you use fdisk to create the first partition on the disk? There was
a bug with some of the old fdisk programs where they created a partition
table where the linear and the cylinder/track/sector representations
didn't match up. Linux itself doesn't care about cyl/track/sector, but
LILO does (since it uses BIOS calls). This would cause a problem where
if you (a) used fdisk to create the first partition on disk, and (b)
tried to boot of that partition, each time LILO booted, it would try to update
its map file, and this would modify the wrong block (since it was using
the bad cyl/track/sector address).

The fix is to get a newer version of fdisk, and recreate the partition.
THis is, by the way, an old, old bug. It's disturbing that a '96
Slackware distribution would still be shipping an fdisk program quite
that old, if this is really the same problem.

- Ted

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