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SubjectStill freezes with 2.0.23 and AHA2940 (aka AIC7xxx)

I noticed, that there are many fixes for the aic7xxxx module in the
current 2.0.23 patch. So I gave it another spin on my Dual-P200 server
but no avail.

The machine still gets a 'spurious interrupt' when trying to
initialize the SCSI controller, then 'AIEEEEEE, killing interrupt
handler' and a solid lockup. This happened all the way up from 2.0.13
when the aic7xxx.c driver was bumped up to a new release.

Currently I'm running an 2.0.21 with all aic7* Files copied to
drivers/scsi from an 2.0.12 kernel. This works.

My setup:

Tyan Tomcat II board with 2 P200 CPUs

AHA 2940Ultra controller with three IBM DFRS 2 GB harddisks (they're
running as a RAID1 filesystem)
ATI Mach 64 VGA board
SMC Ultra Ethernet running @ 10 Mbit

I'm quite frustrated with the current situation as this is our main
fileserver and I do want to upgrade to 2.0.23 but the trick with the
aic7xxx files doesn't work for 2.0.23 and the included driver crashes
my machine.

If I remove one Pentium, change the jumpers and boot a single-cpu
version of this kernel, then everything works fine.

I also tried the fast-smp patches from, the SCSI patches
from Leonhard posted around here. No success.

I do would appreciate help or a pointer to what I'm doing wrong. I
want to upgrade this machine to a Dual-PPro somewhere around next


Dipl.-Inf. Henning Schmiedehausen -

ICONSULT Tandogan - Schmiedehausen - Egerer GbR Tel.: +49-9131-9047-12
Memelstrasse 38 - D-91052 Erlangen Fax.: +49-9131-9047-77

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