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SubjectRe: Kernel panic after reboot

On Fri, 18 Oct 1996, Vampy wrote: (Cut to save bandwidth)

> partions. The only problem I can think of is the config of lilo.conf. Here
> is the config of my lilo.conf.
> "
> compact
> boot=/dev/hda1 #I change it from /dev/hda to /dev/hda1, am I right???
no, the boot device is not the first hard drive partition, its the first
hard drive boot code (sector 0). Use /dev/hda
> map=/boot/map
> install=/boot/boot.b
> prompt
> timeout=100
> image=/vmlinuz
> lable=linux
its spelt "label", isn't it?
> root=/dev/hda8
> append="mem=48MB"
> read-only
> other=/dev/hda1
> lable=dos
> table=/dev/hda
> "

also, make sure you execute "lilo" before you attempt to reboot, as it
needs to write to the boot code.

Greg Poma
Deep Thought: "Why is it that things transported by car are called
shipments, and things transported by ship are cargo?"

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