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Subjecta public complaint against WorkGroup Solutions Inc.

A few weeks ago you may recall that I claimed that I had reason to
believe that a company was using snapshots of the vger mailing lists
to use for junk mailings to innocent people.

I never found out if this was in fact how they gathered their lists to
send junk mails to. However, the company that tripped me off on this
was in fact WorkGroup Solutions Inc. When I had received the
advertisement, many others I know told me they had as well. I
specifically sent them a response that said something along the lines
of "Please remove me from these mass mailings, or I will pursue this
matter legally."

Yet, just today I received yet another advertisement for a different
product from "WGS News ("

I think this is an outrage, and I think many other Linux hackers are
being bombed with this mailings as well.

I would encourage people to send WorkGroup Solutions Inc. your
feelings on this matter. I sure as hell will.

David S. Miller

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