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    SubjectRe: "raw" I/O....
    > This isn't an argument for raw I/O: it's just an observation that
    > the model of secondarymem<>primarymem<>userapp is not necessarily
    > the one to make the most efficient - perhaps this why more kernel
    > process/daemons have crept into the kernel since the 1.2.X days?

    We've acquired some NFS readahead daemons and an asynchronous pager. I don't
    think either of those could do well in userspace ;)

    The NFS daemon now does use mmap so that cuts down the performance problems.
    Until I can persuade Linus that I want to allocate virtual address space and
    fill the pages in for it on interrupts however there will be problems with
    large network buffers. Thats something a pile of ATM folk are playing with
    ideas for resolving

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