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SubjectRe: msdos fs bug? (comma in filename)
On Fri, 18 Oct 1996, Gordon Chaffee wrote:
> In article <>,
> Bryn Paul Arnold Jones <> wrote:
> >Don't you just love MS, vfat is a posix.1 complient fs (I think posix.1),
> >but Win95 can't handle all the chars you can stuff in the file names. ie
> >vfat is posix compliant, but Win95's filesystem code isn't.
> Could you point me to a reference that claims vfat is supposed to
> be posix compliant? I've never seen that claim in Microsoft documentation,
> and I looked for it. On the contrary, I saw something that said the
> lack of hard links makes it incompatible with posix.1. NTFS is posix
> compliant, however.
> Gordon Chaffee

Hmm, not really. I hurd it on linux-kernel ;). If you look on the
archives you may be able to find it, but it could have been any time from
months ago to when win95 was released, or before ...

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