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SubjectRe: patches from 2.0.x to 2.1.x
Nir Soffer <> wrote:

>would it be possible to distribute patches of 2.0.22 and 2.0.23 to 2.1.0
>as well as patches from 2.0.21 to 2.1.0 , it would just make life a lot
>easier for all of the people who have downloaded the latest 2.0.x and
>want to upgrade to 2.1.x ...

>Just thought it might be a good idea - *Cringes from the flames*.

Considering anybody going from 2.0.22 or 2.0.23 is now most likely to
be going to 2.1.5 it would probably be better for them to download the
full source for 2.1.5 directly.

Patch has been known to go wrong (mainly due to the human element) so
its a good idea to download the full source every once in a while
anyway. Besides that it saves Linus work :-)


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