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SubjectRe: NFS problems linux <--> RS6000

>I'm seeing problems when saving files via NFS on a RS6000.
>Our linux machine is exporting its / filesystem to a RS6000
>with the following entries in /etc/exports:
>/ atmagl50(ro,no_root_squash)
>the RS6000 acts as a NFS-client, and mounts the root-filesystem
>of the linux machine on a subdirectory (/ns1). then, we'd save this
>NFS-subdirectory using tar:
>rs6000: tar -cv -1 /ns1
>when proceeding, we get error messages for all symbolic-links,
>like this:
>a /ns1/lib/ 23 blocks
>tar: /ns1/lib/ symbolic link too long
>strangely, the machine also cannot archive /dev/zero:
>tar: /ns1/home/ftp/dev/zero could not be archived

My initial suspicion here would be the version of tar you're using. Many
versions of tar don't handle symbolic links or special files very well.
You don't mention if it had a problem with other files in /dev. Try
compiling GNU tar on the RS/6000, and see if you still have problems.

This might explain why Linux-Linux works fine (most Linux distributions
use GNU tar by default).


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