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SubjectRe: oops while shutting down. (another "umount" oops)

> In order to do this, could you please provide some more information:
> 1.) Do you have Quota-Support compiled in ("CONFIG_QUOTA=y" in .config)?


> 2.) If yes, do you actually _use_ Quota (i.e. run the appropriate programs)?

No. (before anyone asks... it's because I run the same kernel on a
number of machines... this particular one dosn't have quotas (it's an
admin machine and gets rebooted a lot... I havn't seen the oops on the
server because we don't reboot it often.)

> 3.) What filesystems are mounted when you start shutdown ('mount`)?

4 partitions on scsi disks, 1 on an IDE disk, a NFS partition
and the automount daemon on /net

> 4.) What's your version of "umount"?

harik@chaos:~$ umount -V
umount: mount-2.5k

> 5.) On what kind of processor and motherboard does this system run?

P133 with the intel 430FX chipset/96megs ram/256k cache (unbalanced, I
know... ugh) CPU runs cool to the touch.

I havn't seen it yet... right now I have
while umount /test ; do mount /test ; done
running in another session... and while my drive dislikes that ;-) it
hasn't failed yet.

gonna have to do single user
while umount -a ; do mount -a ; done

to see if that fails.

Someone else try this as well.


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