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SubjectRe: [LINUX-KERNEL] HDD Noise stopped with cat /dev/zero
Think of your computer in this way: a very VERY simple radio. it is
putting out waves int he EM (Electro Magnetic) spectrum. These EM waves
are picked up by any UNSHIELDED wiring, and cause interferance. Now if
your speaker's wires were shielded, you wouldn't hear a darned thing :>


On Thu, 17 Oct 1996, David Monro wrote:

> Dunno - but I have an old machine where I can here noises from the ancient hard
> drive (we are talking 8 year old 40Mb MFM here) when network traffic is going
> through the machine - go figure. (And no, it isn't the drive doing things -
> the disk select light (remember those?) isn't even on). If I have the sound
> card plugged in I get to listen to the traffic quite loudly too :-(
> I've also had at least two machines which made strange noises when the case was
> open and in quiet surroundings with no sound card or anything - again network
> traffic was triggering the noises, though I have no idea why I could hear it.
> I can remember one particularly strange incident where I could here noises
> when I was running a CPU intensive job (raytracing) as opposed to the machine
> being idle. I can only guess I am hearing subharmonics of the bus traffic but
> I find that hard to believe.
> Just one of those things I guess.
> David
> > Hi,
> >
> > Just a curiosity... Sometimes I'm really annoyed with the hdd noise,
> > that I think has some interaction with my ppp link !?!? One day I, don't
> > remember why, issued the magic words "cat /dev/zero" and... that noise
> > stopped!!! As soon as I cancelled the cat the noise returns!!! Any
> > comments???
> >
> > []s,
> >
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