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SubjectRe: ELF - are .comment and .note sections needed? Inline syscalls?
From: Tom Zerucha <>

> I was experimenting to see how small I could make an executable, and found
> that readelf showed .comment and .note sections in the code. It would
> sometimes show others too. Are they used for any purpose? strip won't
> remove them unless you specifically say --remove-section= for each one you
> want to remove.

I usually delete all .note and .comment sections from installed
binaries (including shared libraries) and I didn't have any problems
yet. It just saves me a couple of MBytes :)

You could also strip off the symbol table of your shared libraries - if
there weren't some braindead software configuration scripts out there
that read it in order to find out which functions are present...

Michael "Tired" Riepe <>
"Beware the storm that gathers here!" (The Prophet's Song)

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