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SubjectRe: 2.0.21: NCR SCSI errors (lots of them - NOT scsidisk I/O errors)

On Wed, 16 Oct 1996, Chris Fearnley wrote:

> Greetings,
> I just checked /var/log/messages and found a ton of error messages from
> the NCR SCSI driver I've included them (as well as the boot up

There are 2 NCR scsi drivers supplied with Linux.

- 53c7,8xx: written by Drew Eckhard for Linux.
- 53c8xx : written by Wolfgang Stanglmeier and Stefan Esser for Bsd systems.
I have adapted this driver to Linux.

> messages) in the uuencoded attachment. The messages began sometime
> ago, but the past 2 days have gotten more voluminous (back on Sept 25
> there was another voluminous spell - I can send those too if anyone
> wants them). Here is a sampling of some of the messages:

You are currently using the 53c7,8xx driver.
I have had a look at the verbose debbuging informations reported by the

The only relevant debugging message I found is the following:

Oct 15 03:58:15 hilda kernel: Identify disconnect not allowed lun 0

Some messages from upper scsi drivers show that your devices are:
- 1 HD SCSI2
- 1 Tape SCSI2

The timeout for scsi disks operations is 15 seconds.
A tape operation may take more that 15 seconds. So, the driver must
allow SCSI DISCONNECTIONS, otherwise you will take the risk to get
disk I/O timeouts.

Configure the driver with "disconnection enabled", or just try the other one.
In order to configure the ncr53c8xx driver, you must answer NO to the
ncr53c7,8xx driver while "make config".
If you answer Y to the 53c7,8xx driver, you are not prompted for the
53c8xx (BSD ncr driver).


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