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Subjectmsdos fs bug? (comma in filename)

Hi !

These days I wrote a small script which copies a brunch of html-files to
my DOS-Partition (normal msdos fs, not vfat). One of these files has a
comma in the filename. I can copy it, no problem. But if I boot DOS next
time scandisk complains about that file. I get the file 'repeared' as
c:\file0000.chk, the content of the file is ok. So it seems it is the
comma in the filename which cauces scandisk to complain (chkdsk does
*not*, BTW). Accessing the file does'nt work either, if I tell scandisk he
should not "repear" it (with DOS, no problem with linux).

So, if MS-DOS can't handle commas in filenames, linux msdos-fs should'nt
create such filenames, IMHO.


PS: This is DOS 6.22 / linux 2.0.22

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