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SubjectRe: 2.1.4 problems on i486
What the heck is happening here?
Is the mailing list software accidentally misdirecting messages? What
would cause this?

On Wed, 16 Oct 1996, Linus Torvalds (did he?) wrote:

> Hi Tina,
> Im doing fine atm, I hope u r too =)
> I meeted couple ppl's from mud yesterday, they were nice.
> What can I tell u about me, better that u ask something =)
> Well Im 6ft tall weight is 160lb, green eyes (thats very important :)
> I like to go see movies, theres lots of movies what I like, some are old...
> Im very sensitive at emotional side, physically Im getting healthier and I
> nowadays sport lot.. or trying...
> Well if I give u my snailmail addy do u mail me then? =)
> Im wondering how did it go so late today.. time is now 2am..
> Oh well, nights and sweet dreams to u if u r going to sleep when u read
> this msg =)
> Im getting some sleep.. have to wake up after 6hours again.. I cant get it,
> its my week holiday, and I havent sleeped at all...
> Anyway bye and nights now, Im getting too dizzy =)
> have a great day, and better night =)
> hugs
> love,
> Tomi

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