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SubjectRe: Floppy disk problems
>> Silly thing... yesterday i mounted my /dev/fd0 under /disk and didn't
have the
>> cached data (directory structure) updated until i unmounted-remounted it.
>> Mounting-sceme got mine diskbuffers flushed.
>> Also, i wasn't able to "rm" any of the files, because of an "read-only
>> filesystem". How so ? I mounted it with "mount -t msdos /dev/fd0 /disk".
>> When i typed "mount" i saw that it was read-write (rw), as it should have
>> This is with kernel 2.1.3, and i would still like to point out, that i didn't
>> have these problems earlier...
>Try the obvious first... did you have the write protect tab in?

Please, all of you, forget the "rm" -thing, it wasn't because of a write
protected disk, but another, now clarified issue. Sorry for the confusion.

But the unmounting-remounting works for me, when i need to sync the dir. struct.
i see with the actual one, with kernel 2.1.2

The "mdir" works, it always reads from disk, when called.


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