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SubjectRe: Am486/100 writeback processor reboot woes
>> On Wed, 16 Oct 1996, Toni Nikkanen wrote:
>> > Linux has never been able to start a reboot on my AMD 486/100 processor,
>> > the machine simply hangs itself right at the spot where the machine should
>> > start rebooting. I thought I'll start playing around with the stuff in
>> > arch/i386/kernel/process.c but would appreciate some hints as to what is
>> > worth trying and what is not.
>> Have you tried 2.0.22 ? If I remember correctly, it has the cold
>> reboot code that's in 2.1 ....

> Yes, I've used it for a week now and the behaviour is the same.

I have a 486SX/33 AMD for 3 years now its never rebooted like it should, not
even with 1.0.9, i never found one kernel which it rebooted properly, the
1.2.x series i patched every patch, and tryed most kernels, not one rebooted
properly, same symtom as Toni described.

I now have also a 486/100 AMD Toni, it reboots fine. But it would be nice to
find out why, the old 486SX/33 runs standalone now, so i cant reboot via

Regards Richard, 73.

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