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SubjectRe: Current mainline git (24e700e291d52bd2) hangs when building e.g. perf
On Sat, Sep 09, 2017 at 08:39:08AM +0200, Markus Trippelsdorf wrote:
> Unfortunately the machine hangs in the BIOS after the first warm-reset.
> Probably when it encounters an MCE it doesn't expect. I have to
> warm-reset a second time to get to the boot-loader. So it is impossible
> for me to see any possible MCE.

Ok, let's try to disable the syncflood before the test. As root:

# V=$(setpci -s 18.3 0x44.l)
# echo $V
# V=$(printf "0x%x" $((0x$V & ~(1 << 21))))
# setpci -s 18.3 0x44.l=$V
# echo $V

I've added the echo $V so that you can paste them as a reply so that I
can see their values.

And then run the triggering sequence again, better not on an X terminal
but in the text console to see any MCEs when it freezes. I remember you
saying that you don't have serial connected to it so catching the MCE
would need more staring :)



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