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SubjectRe: [PATCH RFC 5/5] Add KSZ8795 SPI driver

> > Please format according to CodingStyle. (Not only this.)
> >
> > And this will be common for more drivers. Can it go to a header file
> > and be included...?
> >
> Sorry about the formatting. It seems my e-mail system needs to be checked
> to make sure it does not auto-format the contents again.
> About the SPI access functions they are the same for each driver except the
> low level ksz_spi_read_reg and ksz_spi_write_reg. The dev_io_ops structure
> should contain only those 2 and ksz_spi_get and ksz_spi_set.
> But that requires changing ksz_spi.c. The idea was to keep the code of
> KSZ9477 driver with little change as possible while introducing another driver.

So we change ksz_spi.c. Goal is to have clean code.

(cesky, pictures)
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