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SubjectRe: [PATCH] scripts/package: snap-pkg target
Apologise for the late reply.

On Wed, Jul 19, 2017 at 2:02 AM, Jim Davis <> wrote:
> Once I fed the snap into ubuntu-image, after hunting down a plausible
> model file, I did get an image file that booted under qemu. I guess
> if you're in the know about snap (and I don't include myself in that
> august company) you'd know that the snap-pkg target won't directly
> give you something you can boot, but the "make help" output looks so
> similar to the other conventional build targets that the some might
> miss that point.

Well, snap-pkg gives you a kernel that you can use in an ubuntu-core
image (either when building an entire image from scratch, or you can
install it in a preinstalled system), much like deb-pkg or rpm-pkg
targets give you a kernel that you can use in a deb / rpm based
system, i don't see any semantics difference here.

> The snap-informed would also know that the snap-pkg target would
> download stuff from the internet as part of the build process, but
> that's unusual enough in kernel building that another recent build
> target, linkcheckdocs, included "(will connect to external hosts)" as
> part of its "make help" output. That probably would be a good idea
> for the snap-pkg target too.


> Running snap-pkg twice in a row seems to have rebuilt the entire
> kernel source, unlike the other more conventional build targets.

The deb-pkg and rpm-pkg targets rebuild from scratch too if invoked in a row.

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