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SubjectRe: iov_iter_pipe warning.
On Wed, Sep 06, 2017 at 11:48:35PM -0400, Dave Jones wrote:

> > That doesn't seem like an XFS problem - it indicates the pipe we are
> > filling in generic_file_splice_read() is not being emptied by
> > whatever we are splicing the file data to....
> The puzzling part is this runs for a day on ext4 or btrfs, whereas I can
> make xfs fall over pretty quickly. As Darrick pointed out though, this
> could be due to xfs being the only user of iomap_dio_rw.
> I'm juggling a few other things right now, so probably not going to
> have much time to dig further on this until after plumbers + 1 wk.

I'll look into that tomorrow...

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