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SubjectRe: [PATCH] hwmon: pmbus: Make reg check and clear faults functions return errors
On Fri, 2017-09-08 at 12:51 +1000, Andrew Jeffery wrote:
> > I can't test with devicetree. x86 system.
> > 
> > 2,100+ iterations with your driver, no failures.
> Great. I really appreciate your testing here, so thanks for your
> efforts. I owe you a few drinks if we ever happen to meet.

Actually, on that, how did you chop out the devicetree parts? Did you
keep the configuration writes at the end of max31785_of_fan_config()
and max31785_of_tmp_config()? Or did you just not call them? These two
functions cause the bulk of the bus traffic with on probe.

Andrew[unhandled content-type:application/pgp-signature]
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