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Subject4.13 on thinkpad x220: oops when writing to SD card
> blk_init_allocated_queue() allocates 1 request for flush and 
> 4 requests
> for a memory pool. The memory pool requests only get used under memory
> pressure. That is why the error doesn't come up straight away.
This seems correct, I can "trivially" trigger the bug with
a while-malloc loop + firefox.

> Reported-by: Seraphime Kirkovski <>
> Fixes: 304419d8a7e92 ("mmc: core: Allocate per-request data using the block layer core")
> Signed-off-by: Adrian Hunter <>

As I said, this fixes it for me, you can add

Tested-By: Seraphime Kirkovski <>

Although I'm not sure this covers the same bug Pavel encountered.
My kernel doesn't panic, it makes KASAN scream + #GP eventually followed
by a lockup.

Anyway, thanks for the fix,

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