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Subject[ANNOUNCE] Iproute2 for Linux 4.13

Update to iproute2 utility to support new features in Linux 4.13.
This is a larger than usual release because of lots of updates for BPF
and the new RDMA utility. Lots of cleanups and Coverity reported
potential issues as well.



Report problems (or enhancements) to the mailing list.

Alexander Alemayhu (1):
examples/bpf: update list of examples

Andreas Henriksson (1):
ss: fix help/man TCP-STATE description for listening

Arkadi Sharshevsky (1):
bridge: Distinguish between externally learned vs offloaded FDBs

Casey Callendrello (1):
netns: make /var/run/netns bind-mount recursive

Daniel Borkmann (8):
bpf: remove obsolete samples
bpf: support loading map in map from obj
bpf: dump id/jited info for cls/act programs
bpf: improve error reporting around tail calls
bpf: fix mnt path when from env
bpf: unbreak libelf linkage for bpf obj loader
bpf: minor cleanups for bpf_trace_pipe
bpf: consolidate dumps to use bpf_dump_prog_info

David Ahern (2):
lib: Dump ext-ack string by default
libnetlink: Fix extack attribute parsing

Girish Moodalbail (1):
geneve: support for modifying geneve device

Hangbin Liu (1):
utils: return default family when rtm_family is not RTNL_FAMILY_IPMR/IP6MR

Jakub Kicinski (3):
bpf: print xdp offloaded mode
bpf: add xdpdrv for requesting XDP driver mode
bpf: allow requesting XDP HW offload

Jiri Benc (2):
tc: m_tunnel_key: reformat the usage text
tc: m_tunnel_key: add csum/nocsum option

Jiri Pirko (7):
tc_filter: add support for chain index
tc: actions: add helpers to parse and print control actions
tc/actions: introduce support for goto chain action
tc: flower: add support for tcp flags
tc: gact: fix control action parsing
tc: add support for TRAP action
tc: don't print error message on miss when parsing action with default

Leon Romanovsky (8):
utils: Move BIT macro to common header
rdma: Add basic infrastructure for RDMA tool
rdma: Add dev object
rdma: Add link object
rdma: Add json and pretty outputs
rdma: Implement json output for dev object
rdma: Add json output to link object
rdma: Add initial manual for the tool

Martin KaFai Lau (1):
bpf: Add support for IFLA_XDP_PROG_ID

Matteo Croce (3):
tc: fix typo in manpage
netns: avoid directory traversal
netns: more input validation

Michal Kubecek (2):
iplink: check for message truncation in iplink_get()
iplink: double the buffer size also in iplink_get()

Or Gerlitz (1):
tc: flower: add support for matching on ip tos and ttl

Phil Sutter (58):
bpf: Make bytecode-file reading a little more robust
Really fix get_addr() and get_prefix() error messages
tc-simple: Fix documentation
examples: Some shell fixes to cbq.init
ifcfg: Quote left-hand side of [ ] expression
tipc/node: Fix socket fd check in cmd_node_get_addr()
iproute_lwtunnel: Argument to strerror must be positive
iproute_lwtunnel: csum_mode value checking was ineffective
ss: Don't leak fd in tcp_show_netlink_file()
tc/em_ipset: Don't leak sockfd on error path
ipvrf: Fix error path of vrf_switch()
ifstat: Fix memleak in error case
ifstat: Fix memleak in dump_kern_db() for json output
ss: Fix potential memleak in unix_stats_print()
tipc/bearer: Fix resource leak in error path
devlink: No need for this self-assignment
ipntable: No need to check and assign to parms_rta
iproute: Fix for missing 'Oifs:' display
lib/rt_names: Drop dead code in rtnl_rttable_n2a()
ss: Skip useless check in parse_hostcond()
ss: Drop useless assignment
tc/m_gact: Drop dead code
ipaddress: Avoid accessing uninitialized variable lcl
iplink_can: Prevent overstepping array bounds
ipmaddr: Avoid accessing uninitialized data
ss: Use C99 initializer in netlink_show_one()
netem/maketable: Check return value of fstat()
tc/q_multiq: Don't pass garbage in TCA_OPTIONS
iproute: Check mark value input
iplink_vrf: Complain if main table is not found
devlink: Check return code of strslashrsplit()
lib/bpf: Don't leak fp in bpf_find_mntpt()
ifstat, nstat: Check fdopen() return value
tc/q_netem: Don't dereference possibly NULL pointer
tc/tc_filter: Make sure filter name is not empty
tipc/bearer: Prevent NULL pointer dereference
ipntable: Avoid memory allocation for
lib/fs: Fix format string in find_fs_mount()
lib/inet_proto: Review inet_proto_{a2n,n2a}()
lnstat_util: Simplify alloc_and_open() a bit
tc/m_xt: Fix for potential string buffer overflows
lib/ll_map: Choose size of new cache items at run-time
ss: Make struct tcpstat fields 'timer' and 'timeout' unsigned
ss: Make sure scanned index value to unix_state_map is sane
netem/maketable: Check return value of fscanf()
lib/bpf: Check return value of write()
lib/fs: Fix and simplify make_path()
lib/libnetlink: Don't pass NULL parameter to memcpy()
ss: Fix for added diag support check
link_gre6: Fix for changing tclass/flowlabel
link_gre6: Print the tunnel's tclass setting
utils: Implement strlcpy() and strlcat()
Convert the obvious cases to strlcpy()
Convert harmful calls to strncpy() to strlcpy()
ipxfrm: Replace STRBUF_CAT macro with strlcat()
tc_util: No need to terminate an snprintf'ed buffer
lnstat_util: Make sure buffer is NUL-terminated
lib/bpf: Fix bytecode-file parsing

Philip Prindeville (1):
iproute2: add support for GRE ignore-df knob

Roopa Prabhu (2):
ip: extend route get to return matching fib route
iproute: extend route get for mpls routes

Simon Horman (1):
tc actions: store and dump correct length of user cookies

Stephen Hemminger (27):
update to current net-next headers
update headers to get changes for TCA_FLOWER
update headers to get IFLA_EVENT
updated headers from net-next
update headers from net-next (bpf and tc)
more bpf header updates
update headers to get TCA_TUNNEL_CSUM
update kernel headers from net-next
update headers to 4.13-rc1
remove duplicated #include's
Update headers from net-next
ip: change flag names to an array
update headers from 4.13-rc4
tc: fix m_simple usage
iproute: Add support for extended ack to rtnl_talk
ss: enclose IPv6 address in brackets
lib: fix extended ack with and without libmnl
lib: need to pass LIBMNL flag
tc, ip: more Makefile updates for LIBMNL
vti6: fix local/remote any addr handling
change how Config is used in Makefile's
vti: print keys in hex not dotted notation
rdma: fix duplicate initialization in port_names
libnetlink: drop unused parameter to rtnl_dump_done
bpf: drop unused parameter to bpf_report_map_in_map
tc: use named initializer for default mqprio options

Vlad Yasevich (1):
ip: Add IFLA_EVENT output to ip monitor

Élie Bouttier (1):
ip route: replace exits with returns

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