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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] w1:fix byteorder of W1_READ_ROM id under big-endian cpu

28.08.2017, 12:25, "" <>:
> Hi
> Q:
> But w1_reg_num has a different layout for be/le systems, isn't it enough?
> A:
> sure, it's right only under the assumption that 'rn' is a  correct layout id.
> Here's my example in be system which I encounter before.
> buf[0] return from w1_read_8(dev) in code section2 will always be 'family:8', buf[0] store at the first byte of rn, then it will be transport to cb(dev, rn) in code section1,
> but it will be parsed to 'crc:8' of the struct w1_reg_num in be system, then there comes the wrong.

Sorry, I do not understand. Do you mean that there is a difference between 2 ways to read ID content in w1_read_block() ?
If it is the case, is it possible, that there is a bug in particular master implementation?

There is a fair number of be devices in the tree already, and no one yet reported that there is an endian issue.

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