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SubjectRe: [PATCH 4/4] lockdep: Fix workqueue crossrelease annotation
On Tue, Sep 05, 2017 at 07:31:44PM +0900, Byungchul Park wrote:
> Recursive-read and the hint I proposed(a.k.a. might) should be used for
> their different specific applications. Both meaning and constraints of
> them are totally different.
> Using a right function semantically is more important than making it
> just work, as you know. Wrong?

For example, _semantically_:

lock(A) -> recursive-read(A), end in a deadlock, while
lock(A) -> might(A) , is like nothing.

recursive-read(A) -> might(A), is like nothing, while
might(A) -> recursive-read(A), end in a deadlock.

And so on...

Of course, in the following cases, the results are same:

recursive-read(A) -> recursive-read(A), is like nothing, and also
might(A) -> might(A) , is like nothing.

recursive-read(A) -> lock(A), end in a deadlock, and also
might(A) -> lock(A), end in a deadlock.

Futhermore, recursive-read-might() can be used if needed, since their
semantics are orthogonal so they can be used in mixed forms.

I really hope you accept the new semantics... I think current workqueue
code exactly needs the semantics.

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