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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 00/26] Improve DVB documentation and reduce its gap
> There is still a gap at the CA API, as there are three ioctls that are used
> only by a few drivers and whose structs are not properly documented:
> The first two ones seem to be related to a way that a few drivers
> provide to send/receive messages. Yet, I was unable to get what
> "index" and "type" means on those ioctls. The CA_SET_DESCR is
> only supported by av7110 driver, and has an even weirder
> undocumented struct. I was unable to discover at the Kernel, VDR
> or Kaffeine how those structs are filled. I suspect that there's
> something wrong there, but I won't risk trying to fix without
> knowing more about them. So, let's just document that those
> are needing documentation :-)

BTW, I just remembered dvblast app, part of

which is using CA_GET_MSG/CA_SEND_MSG:


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