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SubjectRe: [PATCH] params: Fix an overflow in param_attr_show

* Jean Delvare <> wrote:

> > STANDARD_PARAM_DEF(byte, unsigned char, "%hhu\n", kstrtou8);
> > STANDARD_PARAM_DEF(short, short, "%hi\n", kstrtos16);
> > STANDARD_PARAM_DEF(ushort, unsigned short, "%hu\n", kstrtou16);
> > STANDARD_PARAM_DEF(int, int, "%i\n", kstrtoint);
> > STANDARD_PARAM_DEF(uint, unsigned int, "%u\n", kstrtouint);
> > STANDARD_PARAM_DEF(long, long, "%li\n", kstrtol);
> > STANDARD_PARAM_DEF(ulong, unsigned long, "%lu\n", kstrtoul);
> > STANDARD_PARAM_DEF(ullong, unsigned long long, "%llu\n", kstrtoull);
> Sure it is possible to add a new parameter type. But why would the
> person adding it forget the \n?

Because they are human? I certainly forgot similar details when writing code,
numerous times, and making constructs more robust against mistakes is half of
my job as a maintainer. This is kernel design 101.

> I can't imagine that someone adding a
> new type would type the new line of code character by character. Such an
> operation is calling for copy, paste and edit, at which point there is
> no reason why the \n would be actively deleted. Or this is sabotage,
> really ;-)

WTF? Really, I've given you useful feedback in the last couple of days, and my
suggestions were generally correct and on topic, still your replies were
passive-aggressive, obtuse and generally foul tempered in every single case.

Just the latest example:

> Aligning parameters vertically as you suggest above is probably a good
> idea for overall readability anyway, so I can change my patch to do
> that, as I am modifying these lines anyway. It is pretty much
> independent from the fix per se, but if it makes you happy...

I made a routine, technically valid suggestion that I made countless other
kernel developers in the past who sent me code with such a pattern, and
I do not appreciate your condescending tone, it's not about 'making me happy'.

You need to handle criticism of your patches properly and constructively.



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