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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/14] Fix wrong %pF and %pS printk format specifier usages
On (09/14/17 16:40), Sergey Senozhatsky wrote:
> powerpc and parisc handle kernel .opd section as well:
> arch/powerpc/kernel/ .opd
> arch/parisc/kernel/ .opd

for modules, arch-s define mod_arch_specific struct.

parisc has .opd

(fdesc offset should be the start of .opd,
fdesc_offset + sizeof(fdesc) * fdesc_count should be the .opd address range)

struct mod_arch_specific
unsigned long got_offset, got_count, got_max;
unsigned long fdesc_offset, fdesc_count, fdesc_max;
struct {
unsigned long stub_offset;
unsigned int stub_entries;
} *section;
int unwind_section;
struct unwind_table *unwind;

ia64 has .opd

struct mod_arch_specific {
struct elf64_shdr *core_plt; /* core PLT section */
struct elf64_shdr *init_plt; /* init PLT section */
struct elf64_shdr *got; /* global offset table */
struct elf64_shdr *opd; /* official procedure descriptors */
struct elf64_shdr *unwind; /* unwind-table section */
unsigned long gp; /* global-pointer for module */

void *core_unw_table; /* core unwind-table cookie returned by unwinder */
void *init_unw_table; /* init unwind-table cookie returned by unwinder */
unsigned int next_got_entry; /* index of next available got entry */

powerpc does not keep track of .opd, need to add

struct mod_arch_specific {
#ifdef __powerpc64__
unsigned int stubs_section; /* Index of stubs section in module */
unsigned int toc_section; /* What section is the TOC? */
bool toc_fixed; /* Have we fixed up .TOC.? */
unsigned long toc;
unsigned long tramp;

#else /* powerpc64 */
/* Indices of PLT sections within module. */
unsigned int core_plt_section;
unsigned int init_plt_section;
unsigned long tramp;
#endif /* powerpc64 */

/* List of BUG addresses, source line numbers and filenames */
struct list_head bug_list;
struct bug_entry *bug_table;
unsigned int num_bugs;

seems like we are looking at a solution here.



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