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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] usb: host: Implement workaround for Erratum A-009668
On 11.09.2017 12:43, wrote:
> From: "yinbo.zhu" <>
> Description: This issue is observed in USB 2.0 mode
> when the USB 3.0 host controller is connected to a
> FS/LS device via a hub.
> The host controller issues start-split (SSPLIT) and
> complete-split (CSPLIT) tokens to
> accomplish a split-transaction. A split-transaction
> consists of a SSPLIT token, token/data
> packets, CSPLIT token and token/data/handshake packets.
> A SSPLIT token is issued by the host controller to the
> hub followed by token/data/handshake packets. The hub
> then relays the token/data/handshake packets to the FS
> /LS device. Sometime later, the host controller issues
> a CSPLIT token followed by the same token/data/handshake
> packets to the hub to complete the split-transaction.
> As an example scenario, when the xHCI driver issues an
> Address device command with BSR=0, the host controller
> sends SETUP(SET_ADDRESS) tokens on the USB as part of
> splittransactions.
> If the host controller receives a NYET response from the
> hub for the CSPLIT SETUP token, it means that the
> split-transaction has not yet been completed or the hub
> is not able to handle the split transaction. In such a
> case, the host controller keeps retrying the
> splittransactions
> until such time an ACK response is received from the hub
> for the CSPLIT SETUP token. If the split-transactions do
> not complete in a time bound manner, the xHCI driver may
> issue a Stop Endpoint Command. The host controller does
> not service the Stop Endpoint Command and eventually the
> xHCI driver times out waiting for the Stop Endpoint Command
> to complete.

Normally we start a command timeout timer each time we start
servicing a new command, this gives each command 5 seconds time
to finish. If it times out we stop the command ring and abort the

The Stop endpoint command has an additinal separate timeout timer
that is started when the stop endpoint command is queued to the ring,
not when host starts to service the command.

I see that we could end up in a situation where one device is being
address (address device command), and a URB is being canceled for
another device almost at the same time (stop endpoint command queued
right after address device command).

If the address device commands times out then the host doesn't have
enough time to service the stop endpoint command
before the stop endpoint timeout timer triggers.

This needs to be fixed, but disabling the entire slot just because
URB is being canceled for a LS/FS device is not the right way to go.


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