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SubjectRe: [media] s5p-mfc: Adjust a null pointer check in four functions
> Generating patch is only part of the story,

I can follow this view in principle.

> it seems the patch is not sent properly

I got an other impression.

> and tags which should be in SMTP header end up in the message body.

I agree that extra message fields were presented by the git software for
a reason.
You might have got other opinions about the original reason (than me).

> I think there would not be such issues if you have used git
> format-patch + git send-email.

I have got also doubts about your corresponding expectations when you
would find
the proposed commit message itself acceptable (besides the small source
code changes).

> I normally do amend things like this while applying,

That is interesting.

> I will do that this time as well.

Such an action can also be nice.

> It's already too much time wasted for such a dubious patch.

A bit of time is needed to resolve a temporary disagreement.


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