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SubjectRe: [Outreachy kernel] [PATCH] Fixed IIO_DEVICE_ATTR_NAMED API to take name as a string and added "" around names
On 09/12/2017 08:06 PM, Julia Lawall wrote:
> On Tue, 12 Sep 2017, himanshi wrote:
>> Thanks for the review Daniel! I will change the imperative mood for the commit
>> message once the other changes are finalised too and as suggested by Julia,
>> would try to make the description specific than general.
>> I tried to think of adding subsystem to the commit subject but could not
>> conclude any because of the files involved.
>> I like the idea of splitting the patch into 2 as you suggested but I
>> have a doubt that adding the new MACROS to different sysfs files can be put into 1
>> patch with the subsystem you mentioned but changing the existing
>> IIO_DEVICE_ATTR_NAMED to use IIO_ATTR_NAMED (sysfs file again) would be included
>> in the second patch if I am not wrong. So would it be fine to keep the
>> subsystem as iio for the second patch?
> Indeed, the kernel has to compile after every commit. Unless you change
> the name of the macro, to allow the old and new versions to co-exist, it
> seems hard to break up such a patch.

We can still split things into two parts. One patch introducing __ATTR_NAMED
in the device driver core and then another patch making use of that macro in
the IIO subsystem.

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