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Subjectkselftest on UML results - 4.13.0-11224-gcb1606851304

Overall coverage rate:
lines......: 34.6% (90861 of 262609 lines)
functions..: 40.4% (9978 of 24683 functions)

Coverage is available here:

My script also outputs those results files:

1.) Cyclomatic complexity

2.) Kernel build stderr output

3.) Kernel kselftests output:

PS: I had to disable the test "timers/set-timer-lat" because it seems to
hang forever. But the hang only seems to occur in the context of all
kselftests (maybe after "timers/nsleep-lat"?). When run standalone the
test case work as intended. Strange!

PPS: I have a question regarding the Cyclomatic complexity: What is the
meaning of it? I mean I read the definition on Wikipedia, but what do I do
with those results?
The ten most "complex" functions are:

Cyclomatic Complexity 730 /home/thomas/git/linux/drivers/md/bcache/super.c:cache_alloc
Cyclomatic Complexity 299 /home/thomas/git/linux/drivers/misc/altera-stapl/altera.c:altera_execute
Cyclomatic Complexity 272 /home/thomas/git/linux/drivers/net/wireless/ti/wl18xx/debugfs.c:wl18xx_debugfs_add_files
Cyclomatic Complexity 266 /home/thomas/git/linux/drivers/md/bcache/super.c:bch_cache_set_alloc
Cyclomatic Complexity 252 /home/thomas/git/linux/fs/ext4/super.c:ext4_fill_super
Cyclomatic Complexity 234 /home/thomas/git/linux/net/core/pktgen.c:pktgen_if_write
Cyclomatic Complexity 220 /home/thomas/git/linux/mm/page_alloc.c:alloc_large_system_hash
Cyclomatic Complexity 218 /home/thomas/git/linux/net/sctp/protocol.c:sctp_init
Cyclomatic Complexity 216 /home/thomas/git/linux/crypto/tcrypt.c:do_test
Cyclomatic Complexity 210 /home/thomas/git/linux/lib/rhashtable.c:rhashtable_init

So is bcache/super.c:cache_alloc a place where bugs lurk?

With kind regards

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