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SubjectRe: tunnels: Don't apply GRO to multiple layers of encapsulation.
On Thu, Aug 31, 2017 at 6:58 AM,  <> wrote:
> [ resend due to mail problems at my end ]
> Hi Jesse,
> The backport of fac8e0f579695a3ecbc4d3cac369139d7f819971,
> "tunnels: Don't apply GRO to multiple layers of encapsulation",
> to linux-4.1.y seems to have missed a line.
> The 4.1 commit is 066b300e5be43cb61697539e2a3a9aac5afb422f.
> The potentially missing line is:
> - .gro_receive = ipv6_gro_receive,
> + .gro_receive = sit_gro_receive,
> I am not experiencing any bad symptoms. I simply noticed
> that the patch introduced a new function, sit_gro_receive,
> without introducing any users, and that same patch in
> linux-4.4.y does have a user.

Thanks for pointing that out. The line you mentioned should indeed be
there and seems to have been missed in the backport.

The backport was actually done by Sasha, not by me - would you mind
sending a patch to him or working with him to fix it?

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