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SubjectRe: [RESEND PATCH] Allow passing tid or pid in SCM_CREDENTIALS without CAP_SYS_ADMIN
Prakash Sangappa <> writes:

> On 8/30/17 10:41 AM, wrote:
>> Prakash Sangappa <> writes:
>>> With regards to security, the question basically is what is the consequence
>>> of passing the wrong id. As I understand it, Interpreting the id to be pid
>>> or tid, the effective uid and gid will be the same. It would be a problem
>>> only if the incorrect interpretation of the id would refer a different process.
>>> But that cannot happen as the the global tid(gettid() of a thread is
>>> unique.
>> There is also the issue that the receiving process could look, not see
>> the pid in proc and assume the sending process is dead. That I suspect
>> is the larger danger.
> Will this not be a bug in the application, if it is sending the wrong
> id?

No. It could be deliberate and malicious.

>>> As long as the thread is alive, that id cannot reference another process / thread.
>>> Unless the thread were to exit and the id gets recycled and got used for another
>>> thread or process. This would be no different from a process exiting and its
>>> pid getting recycled which is the case now.
>> Largely I agree.
>> If all you want are pid translations I suspect the are far easier ways
>> thant updating the SCM_CREDENTIALS code.
> What would be an another easier & efficient way of doing pid translation?
> Should a new API/mechanism be considered mainly for pid translation purpose
> for use with pid namespaces, say based on 'pipe' something similar to

There are proc files that provide all of the pids of a process you can
read those.

Other possibilities exist if you want to go that fast.


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