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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/5] tracing, mm: Record pfn instead of pointer to struct page
On Mon, 31 Jul 2017 09:43:41 +0200 Vlastimil Babka <> wrote:

> On 04/14/2015 12:14 AM, Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo wrote:
> > From: Namhyung Kim <>
> >
> > The struct page is opaque for userspace tools, so it'd be better to save
> > pfn in order to identify page frames.
> >
> > The textual output of $debugfs/tracing/trace file remains unchanged and
> > only raw (binary) data format is changed - but thanks to libtraceevent,
> > userspace tools which deal with the raw data (like perf and trace-cmd)
> > can parse the format easily.
> Hmm it seems trace-cmd doesn't work that well, at least on current
> x86_64 kernel where I noticed it:
> trace-cmd-22020 [003] 105219.542610: mm_page_alloc: [FAILED TO PARSE] pfn=0x165cb4 order=0 gfp_flags=29491274 migratetype=1

Which version of trace-cmd failed? It parses for me. Hmm, the
vmemmap_base isn't in the event format file. It's the actually address.
That's probably what failed to parse.

> I'm quite sure it's due to the "page=%p" part, which uses pfn_to_page().
> The events/kmem/mm_page_alloc/format file contains this for page:
> REC->pfn != -1UL ? (((struct page *)vmemmap_base) + (REC->pfn)) : ((void *)0)

But yeah, I think the output is wrong. I just ran this:

page=0xffffea00000a62f4 pfn=680692 order=0 migratetype=0 gfp_flags=GFP_KERNEL_ACCOUNT|__GFP_ZERO|__GFP_NOTRACK

But running it with trace-cmd report -R (raw format):

mm_page_alloc: pfn=0xa62f4 order=0 gfp_flags=24150208 migratetype=0

The parser currently ignores types, so it doesn't do pointer
arithmetic correctly, and would be hard to here as it doesn't know the
size of the struct page. What could work is if we changed the printf
fmt to be:

(unsigned long)(0xffffea0000000000UL) + (REC->pfn * sizeof(struct page))

> I think userspace can't know vmmemap_base nor the implied sizeof(struct
> page) for pointer arithmetic?
> On older 4.4-based kernel:
> REC->pfn != -1UL ? (((struct page *)(0xffffea0000000000UL)) + (REC->pfn)) : ((void *)0)

This is what I have on 4.13-rc7

> This also fails to parse, so it must be the struct page part?

Again, what version of trace-cmd do you have?

> I think the problem is, even if ve solve this with some more
> preprocessor trickery to make the format file contain only constant
> numbers, pfn_to_page() on e.g. sparse memory model without vmmemap is
> more complicated than simple arithmetic, and can't be exported in the
> format file.
> I'm afraid that to support userspace parsing of the trace data, we will
> have to store both struct page and pfn... or perhaps give up on reporting
> the struct page pointer completely. Thoughts?

Had some thoughts up above.

-- Steve

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