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SubjectPatching The Linux World At Large

I´ve been thinking about linux again, and if the issues I found with
linux in general, can be fixed by philosophy.

And maybe if the community in general accepts a few guidelines maybe
linux can become more acceptable and mainstream.

What I found is that brilliant code, really needs to be close to an
absolute goodness aswell.

1 So for instance, if one accepts that rules and regulations come
originally from monotheism, then you angle the rulesets of linux and
involved philosophy in general in an acceptable direction.

2. Something else is the free mindset. One should definately advocate
development to people who already have an income, or get an income by
it, so that enthustiasts are free from thinking that open source
ideology needs them. Ofcourse one can still be an enthusiast, but
claiming enthusiasts without income are needed in code, is unfair play.

3. In general linux philosophy, or any OS philosophy needs to converge
to a place where things are good and acceptable.


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