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SubjectRe: [PATCHSET for-4.13] cgroup: implement cgroup2 thread mode, v3
On 07/16/2017 10:07 PM, Tejun Heo wrote:
> Hello,
> This is v3 of cgroup2 thread mode patchset. The changes from v2[L]
> are
> * Switched to marking each cgroup threaded instead of doing it
> per-subtree as suggested by PeterZ. This allows more flexibility
> and removes certain interface quirks.
> * Dropped RFC tag and excluded cpu controller patches from this
> patchset as threaded mode behaviors can easily be verified with the
> pid controller. Will follow up with cpu controller patchset later.
> It is largely based on the discussions that we had at the plumbers
> last year. Here's the rough outline.
> * Thread mode is explicitly enabled on a cgroup by writing "threaded"
> into "cgroup.type" file. The cgroup shouldn't have any processes or
> child cgroups. A threaded cgroup joins the the parent's resource
> domain and becomes a part of the threaded subtree anchored at the
> nearest domain ancestor, which is called the threaded domain cgroup
> of the subtree.
> * Threads can be put anywhere in a threaded subtree by writing TIDs
> into "cgroup.threads" file. Process granularity and
> no-internal-process constraint don't apply in a threaded subtree.
> * To be used in a threaded subtree, controllers should explicitly
> declare thread mode support and should be able to handle internal
> competition in some way.
> * The threaded domain cgroup of a threaded subtree serves as the
> resource domain for the whole subtree. This is where all the
> controllers are guaranteed to have a common ground and resource
> consumptions in the threaded subtree which aren't tied to a specific
> thread are charged. Non-threaded controllers never see beyond
> thread root and can assume that all controllers will follow the same
> rules upto that point.
> * Unlike other cgroups, the system root cgroup can serve as parent to
> domain child cgroups and threaded domains to threaded subtrees.
> This allows threaded controllers to implement thread granular resource
> control without getting in the way of system level resource
> partitioning.
> For more details on the interface and behavior, please refer to 0005.
> This patchset contains the following six patches.
> 0001-cgroup-reorganize-cgroup.procs-task-write-path.patch
> 0002-cgroup-add-flags-to-css_task_iter_start-and-implemen.patch
> 0003-cgroup-introduce-cgroup-dom_cgrp-and-threaded-css_se.patch
> 0004-cgroup-implement-CSS_TASK_ITER_THREADED.patch
> 0005-cgroup-implement-cgroup-v2-thread-support.patch
> 0006-cgroup-update-debug-controller-to-print-out-thread-m.patch
> 0001-0005 implement cgroup2 thread mode. 0006 enables debug
> controller on it.
> The patchset is based on the current cgroup/for-4.14 27f26753f8c0
> ("cgroup: replace css_set walking populated test with testing
> cgrp->nr_populated_csets") and also available in the following git
> branch.
> git:// review-cgroup2-threads-v3

Your new patches don't seem to be pushed to your git tree yet. I
couldn't find them there.


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