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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 1/3] leds: core: Introduce generic pattern interface

> Some LED controllers have support for autonomously controlling
> brightness over time, according to some preprogrammed pattern or
> function.
> This adds a new optional operator that LED class drivers can implement
> if they support such functionality as well as a new device attribute to
> configure the pattern for a given LED.

> @@ -61,3 +61,23 @@ Description:
> gpio and backlight triggers. In case of the backlight trigger,
> it is useful when driving a LED which is intended to indicate
> a device in a standby like state.
> +
> +What: /sys/class/leds/<led>/pattern
> +Date: July 2017
> +KernelVersion: 4.14
> +Description:
> + Specify a pattern for the LED, for LED hardware that support
> + altering the brightness as a function of time.
> +
> + The pattern is given by a series of tuples, of brightness and
> + duration (ms). The LED is expected to traverse the series and
> + each brightness value for the specified duration.
> +
> + Additionally a repeat marker ":|" can be appended to the
> + series, which should cause the pattern to be repeated
> + endlessly.
> +
> + As LED hardware might have different capabilities and precision
> + the requested pattern might be slighly adjusted by the driver
> + and the resulting pattern of such operation should be returned
> + when this file is read.

Well. I believe this is mostly useful for RGB LEDs. Unfortunately, having patterns
per-LED will present opportunity for different channels becoming de-synchronized
from each other, which will not look nice.

Best regards,

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