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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/1] drivers/staging/pi433: New driver
On Sun, Jul 16, 2017 at 03:53:57PM +0200, Marcus Wolf wrote:
> Hi Greg,
> like I wrote before - unfortunally I couldn't find a git command, squashing
> all my commits into one single patch. Therfore I copy and pasted the patch
> manually.

git diff FIRST_PATCH..HEAD > my.patch

will do it.

> Never the less, the first three rows were copied from a patch, originally
> generated by git.
> I used
> git format-patch master --stdout -p > pi433_patch
> for the first rows
> and
> git diff master > pi433_patch
> fot the dif/patch itself.
> If someone could help me with better git commands, I would be happy :-)

The issue is that the header was in the email body, if you use git
send-email, it should not show up.


greg k-h

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