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SubjectWidespread crashes in -next, bisected to 'mm: drop HASH_ADAPT'

my qemu tests of next-20170519 show the following results:
total: 122 pass: 30 fail: 92

I won't bother listing all of the failures; they are available at I bisected one (openrisc, because
it gives me some console output before dying). It points to
'mm: drop HASH_ADAPT' as the culprit. Bisect log is attached.

A quick glance suggests that 64 bit kernels pass and 32 bit kernels fail.
32-bit x86 images fail and should provide an easy test case.


# bad: [5666af8ae4a18b5ea6758d0c7c42ea765de216d2] Add linux-next specific files for 20170519
# good: [2ea659a9ef488125eb46da6eb571de5eae5c43f6] Linux 4.12-rc1
git bisect start 'HEAD' 'v4.12-rc1'
# good: [c7115270d8cc333801b11e541ddbc43e320a88ef] Merge remote-tracking branch 'drm/drm-next'
git bisect good c7115270d8cc333801b11e541ddbc43e320a88ef
# good: [6bf84ee44e057051577be7edf306dc595b8d3c0f] Merge remote-tracking branch 'tip/auto-latest'
git bisect good 6bf84ee44e057051577be7edf306dc595b8d3c0f
# good: [8def67a06d65a1b08c87a65a8ef4fd6e71b6745c] Merge remote-tracking branch 'staging/staging-next'
git bisect good 8def67a06d65a1b08c87a65a8ef4fd6e71b6745c
# good: [0d538a750eaab91fc3f6dffe4c0e7d98d6252b81] Merge remote-tracking branch 'userns/for-next'
git bisect good 0d538a750eaab91fc3f6dffe4c0e7d98d6252b81
# good: [eb64959cd8c405de533122dc72b64d6ca197cee1] powerpc/mm/hugetlb: remove follow_huge_addr for powerpc
git bisect good eb64959cd8c405de533122dc72b64d6ca197cee1
# bad: [eb520e759caf124ba1c64e277939ff379d0ca8bd] procfs: fdinfo: extend information about epoll target files
git bisect bad eb520e759caf124ba1c64e277939ff379d0ca8bd
# bad: [45f5e427d6326ca1c44cd6897b9939441063fb96] lib/kstrtox.c: use "unsigned int" more
git bisect bad 45f5e427d6326ca1c44cd6897b9939441063fb96
# bad: [d75db247b8f204bfa2e6d2b40afcae74f3b4c7fd] mm: drop NULL return check of pte_offset_map_lock()
git bisect bad d75db247b8f204bfa2e6d2b40afcae74f3b4c7fd
# good: [d4c9af9111d483efd5f302916639a0e9a626f90f] mm: adaptive hash table scaling
git bisect good d4c9af9111d483efd5f302916639a0e9a626f90f
# bad: [90d2d8d8960a1b2ed868ce3bfd91e2ac8d4ff9aa] mm/hugetlb: clean up ARCH_HAS_GIGANTIC_PAGE
git bisect bad 90d2d8d8960a1b2ed868ce3bfd91e2ac8d4ff9aa
# bad: [67d0687224a93ef2adae7a2ed10f25b275f2ee91] mm: drop HASH_ADAPT
git bisect bad 67d0687224a93ef2adae7a2ed10f25b275f2ee91
# first bad commit: [67d0687224a93ef2adae7a2ed10f25b275f2ee91] mm: drop HASH_ADAPT

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