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SubjectRe: linux-next: build failure after merge of the arm tree
On 21/04/2017 10:12, Stephen Rothwell wrote:

> Mason wrote:
>> Anyway, the fix is trivial.
>> The "pchans_used" field is an unsigned long array.
>> for_each_clear_bit_from() expects an unsigned long pointer,
>> not an array address.
>> I'll send a patch to the drivers/dma maintainers.
> The fix really needs to go into the arm tree (as well?) since that is
> the tree that has the patch that causes the build to break (even if the
> actual bug was preexisting).

Hello Stephen,

Since it's a trivial patch, and since Vinod is on vacation
until Monday, I suppose Russell could push the patch through
his own tree? (Maybe after an ACK from a sunxi maintainer.)

I am currently building an allyesconfig next-20170420 kernel.
Considering the speed of this system, this will take a while.


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