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Subject[PATCH v2 0/4] ioremap() tidy-up
Fix some typos, remove unused code, simplify comments.

I added patch 4 to remove the default ioremap_uc() implementation on MMU

I hesitated about this because it basically reverts 8c7ea50c010b ("x86/mm,
asm-generic: Add IOMMU ioremap_uc() variant default"), and I'm worried that
I'm missing the real value of having that default implementation. So this
is just a proposal; if it makes no sense, I'll drop patch 4 again.

As far as I can tell, having the default ioremap_uc() implementation means
we can *build* drivers that use it, but those drivers won't actually work.
It seems preferable to me to have those be build-time failures rather than
run-time failures, but if I'm missing something, let me know.

Change from v1 to v2:
- Add Arnd's Reviewed-by on patches 1-3.
- Add patch 4 to remove ioremap_uc() stub.


Bjorn Helgaas (4):
asm-generic/io.h: Fix "IOMMU" typos
asm-generic/io.h: Remove unused generic __ioremap() definition
asm-generic/io.h: Simplify ioremap() comments
asm-generic/io.h: Drop ioremap_uc() stub for systems with MMU

include/asm-generic/io.h | 49 ++++++++--------------------------------------
1 file changed, 8 insertions(+), 41 deletions(-)

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